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Pluto’s Going Retrograde—Here’s How to Make It Worthwhile

Thrifty Demeter, although overworked, cared about her daughter Persephone Proserpina produced by Zeus after taking a form of a bull interesting that to come Proserpina into being, possibly zodiacal Taurus must have appeared. Demeter knowing her affection for colourful, fragrant flowers let her pick them and weave garlands and decorate robes. She only warned her not to pick narcissi — flowers waking disturbing senses of desire belonging to Pluto Hades and sacrificed him.

Nevertheless during one of the careless hikes to the bosom of nature, Persephone noticed among countless and colourful flowers incredibly beautiful narcissus, which had never ever been seen either in heaven or on earth. She did not realize she was reaching for not her property. She looked round to see if she was alone, pulled the stem and picked the calyx. Suddenly earth split and a black carriage with a carter in night colour clothes and with a piercing and magnetic gaze of Pluto Hades appeared. He kidnapped senseless from impression Persephone and in spite of her little determined opposition he disappeared with her in the flash in the dark depths.

Desperate Demeter without Mercurial gift of communication and gathering information, had been looking for her lost daughter for a long time but neither a god, man, animal nor a bird said her a word. Demeter had not eaten or drunk anything for 9 days and nights and even later instead of divine ambrosia she drank only kykeon — water with some mint and barley flour.

Therefore each Virgo has already been or will be on a diet stopped from time to time with fasting. Without her protection the earth stopped producing cereals or fruits. Harvest failure covered the earth, sowings and growings wilted and in the scorching heat of the Sun — like on the Sahara — rivers and springs dried. In the places where full of fauna and flora fertile soil surrounded the clear waters, one could here only the rustle of poured grains of sand. Abandoned people without any crops or sufficient supplies gathered for a rainy day, started starving.

Wandering through barren and poor country, she took a form of an old lady. And they offered her a roof over her head. I know female works, I might make the beds and teach women some housework.


The astrology of Makemake is related to love of the natural world and to the activism associated with defending the environment. This may be a time when you are vulnerable to participating in a crime or an underhanded approach to achieving something. More about Haumea Presumably Proserpina previously Venus would be responsible for system of values faith that some beliefs are correct and others are not and attitude towards property. Thanks for keeping up the blog! The Moon rules Cancer and is exalted in Taurus.

I know many fairy tales and I am able to take care of small children. She was accepted because she looked like one of the experienced and ingenious old ladies — women who take care of children and run a household in royal palaces. Therefore she took care of Demofoont, the youngest of princes, very puny and sickly. She said she would be a nanny as long as he would become taught and prepared to independent life. In spite of long fasting the child did not seem to be starved and grew so fast as only gods could.

Devine nanny with regret left the crying child Virgo has a different attitude to children than Cancer. But before she left she had given Eleusis people grains and a winged vehicle to sow life-giving grains when the days of drought were over. In meantime Persephone, surrounded by countless treasures of Hades, not accosted by patient Pluto, most often spent her time in the underworld, splendid palace gardens.

Attached to charms of earthly nature she had to confess, the one in the underworld depths was also fascinating. Gods, worried about extended drought ecological disaster , exerted so strong pressure on grimly quiet underworld ruler that eventually, although unwillingly, he agreed to their conditions.

And so Persephone was supposed to spend only one third of a year with Hades and the rest of the time on earth with Demeter. In this way nature and life on earth was to regain its caring protectors. Persephone glad with the idea of the come back to her mother and known earthly world, to her flowery meadows, met Pluto deep in thought.

Interpretations for Eris in the Astrological Chart

Approaching slowly they stopped and Hades reached out his hand with a pomegranate fruit on it. Persephone grateful for his permission on her leaving the underworld, looking at the gift and his attentive countenance, playing with it, she broke the fruit and taking its seeds put them into her mouth. Having swallowed the seeds she realized it had been her first meal in the dark and mysterious underworld.

And undoubtedly narcissus that had seduced her its magnetic scent also was a tempting gift from Hades. However she still did not figure it out that by giving double in captivating her senses magnetic gifts from Pluto, she became dependent on him.

5 Tips For Surviving the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn – Patrick Watson

Only after time in the surface it came to her that unaware of his ruses to Demeter despair he confessed to having eaten disastrous seeds — symbol of marriage. That sealed her relationship with Pluto and tied her with the underworld filled with treasures forever. Since then, to Demeter sorrow, for the period of winter break she had to come back to her wealthy husband. When Persephone appeared back on earth the world sparkled with all the colours of spring and the air invigorated mild wind. Birds singing, bees buzzing laced with the rustle of a stream and young, green leaves, the sight of colourful butterflies sitting on equally colourful flower buds brought her and people relief, joy and hope that regained harmony would never pass.

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Also Ceres — Demeter glad with regaining control over her daughter, could perform her duties of the goddess of harvest as well as any blooming and bearing fruits again. After a long break she let the earth to grow plentifully and people harvest by the sweat of their brows and certainly to store them more carefully to avoid in future lean years and in case of lack of food not voluntary or exhausting hunger. Demeter, before her daughter came back to Olympus, had shared her divine knowledge with carefully chosen people who could attain it solely after long fasting, restraint and special preparations only by being initiated.

Demeter permitted people to establish in honour of both goddesses and in appreciation for their care of life on earth, complicated and still not totally revealed rituals — Probably revealing them was punishable by death. We still do not know what secrets Persephone in the underworld was admitted to and in what range or under what conditions she shared with her mother and others. At the end of summer when the Sun was leaving Virgo — marches from Athens to Eleusis set off. People walked hierarchically; priests, dignitaries, clerks, common people, the plebs and finally slaves in Rome worship of Ceres was mainly popular among commoners.

But solely the chosen ones were shared the secret knowledge gradually as a gift from Ceres — Demeter — the goddess of harvest, to the level of epoptai — the ones of the highest degree. Also demigods were getting ready to great actions by fasting, meditating and contemplating. Before Heracles carried out his Twelve Labours he had been initiated into the Eleusinian mysteries including also esoteric knowledge supporting his superhuman physical powers which helped him to stay alive during many adventures.

As a working mother she was forced to give up her continuous care for the daughter and after a long period of arguments she had to come to terms with Pluto — Hades.

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It is a symbol of internal transformation. The phase of Virgo finishes the cycle of individual experience essential before going to the phase of Libra initiating the sphere of collective experience. Proserpina Persephone was showed with a wreath full of intoxicatingly smelling narcissi symbolizing the power of senses and a bunch of poppy in a hand suggesting flowery spring. Their mutual efforts allowed people for efficient and continuous food production.

The myth of Proserpina Persephone and Ceres Demeter with Pluto Hades includes symbolic description of the whole earthly life; periods of full bloom and collapse. It helped the ancient to explain cyclic nature laws, seasonal rhythms, births, life, deaths and rebirths. The goddesses embodying the nature teach that also people are a part of it. Ceres — 4.

Interesting that the slowest objects are UB and Pluto — rulers of the most stubborn and constant zodiac signs; Taurus and Scorpio. Earthly rhythms are also remarkably diverse. From incompletely short vibrations through rhythms lasting 24 hrs to cycles reaching hundred or thousand years. For example thermohaline circulation waters washing our globe includes the period of years 2 cycles of UB, 4 cycles of Pluto, 6 of Neptune and 12 of Uranus. Interweaving astrological and mythological plots we can see that even the smallest planets of our solar system Ceres — km, Pluto — 2.

Chart created with astrology software Urania. What affect will this have on me. All four planets retrograde in my birth chart are retrograde right now.

Lol Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto. Pluto Direct will pass my Capricorn Moon by a mere 27 seconds, then become stationary. There surely cannot be many of us with this transit. Hi Sophie, here I am to support you, but also ask — how are you after this transit? I hope that it was gentle to you and you survived. I realised that the first conjunction to my nMoon was exactly on my birthday this year… and then Pluto went retrograde and now is going back. Greetings, Karo. I have Pluto Rx transiting in Capricorn in my 4th house.

Feelings of my inner security and home life have been highly intense lately. I know Pluto is trying to get me to eliminate this home with this awful person I live with and move out,so I can get a new home where I can feel in control and secure. Hi I read your comment and I an also living similar like you, I think we can help each other by sharing our feelings, if you would like to help and support please call or text me Nessus at 10Pis34, is the centaur of victim or abuser.

Where is it in your natal chart? Mine is at 27Tau44, the current transit of Sedna is 26Tau Pluto in my Natal chart 9Virgo54, is opposite transiting Nessus. Hi Jamie — pluto retrograde starts at 23 Capricorn not 25 Capricorn, as mentioned in your article. How is this possible?? Alcohol is under a Neptune influence. When it was square Saturn a few years ago we had the peak in the opiode crisis. Saturn and Neptune are now sextile. Planets sextile are said to Work Well Together.

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What should I do? Aries is manipulative? How is falling in love with money and not with the money-maker not manipulation on your side? There, they pass their days in secluded splendor, while the rest of the world, bereft of their genius and hard work, collapses.

In this treacherous environment, the rich get richer, as small plantisimals were either destroyed or absorbed into larger ones. It took many years to figure out, and a fortuitous Pluto Rx, yet here it is: Human population growth, and by its extension, the Concentration of Wealth into a tiny litter, is but a model of Plantisimal Accretion fetal development , within the womb of Jupiter.

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Humanity has the potential for transcendence, and are constantly seeking a higher plane. Menu Skip to content. Search for:. Pluto Retrograde April 14, May 4, Jamie Partridge.

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You could interpret this insight in response to my comment on the Mercury Rx thread. Do you have children Ian. Greetings, Karo Reply. Hi I read your comment and I an also living similar like you, I think we can help each other by sharing our feelings, if you would like to help and support please call or text me Reply. Thank you Ted. The fall of everyone else is not the fault of the super rich. Pluto Rx, Age of Aquarius chart, Jan 12,